PEPPER JOBS TCH-1 USB-C 3.1 to Gigabit Ethernet adaptor.

Pepper Jobs - TCH-1
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  • Availability: In stock (42)

PEPPER JOBS TCH-1 is a USB-C 3.1 to Gigabit Ethernet adaptor. The Gigabit Ethernet port allows you to access a wired network, enabling a fast Gigabit Ethernet network connection for your USB-C host device. This product has been designed to work with the new MacBook, new MacBook Pro, Google's new Chromebook Pixel and other USB-C ready devices. This premium network chip supports plug-and-play operation and means you don't have to install an Ethernet driver on your host device. Super convenient, it supports all mainstream operating systems, including Microsoft Windows 10, Mac OS X, Chrome OS, Android & Linux.

Pepper Jobs TCH-1 USB-C Hub Adapter

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Neal (AMAZON) Posted on July 13, 2020 16:56

sleek and convenient device As a die-hard apple user i'm always on the look out for accessories and devices that match the sleek and unique look of my apple tech and for kit that functions just as reliably. This little adapter is perfect and is as neat, compact and relaible as all my other gear. Even the packaging is wonderfully designed. Brillaint spec and amazing design.

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