Complaints procedure

Sorry, sorry and sorry again. Customer satisfaction means everything to us; in fact you could call it a real obsession. But sometimes we also get it completely wrong. And this adversely affects you. That is of course not what anyone wants.

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What's next?

  • We would be pleased to resolve your complaint. We can do this fastest if you get in touch with our customer service department. We are available every business day (Monday-Friday) until 17:00 by telephone 06-29557135
  • Not happy with the answer? Take it higher up and write to our customer service department manager. You can email her at ([email protected]) or post a letter to the address below. You will receive an answer within 4 business days.

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Guarantees and Badges of our members

As a consumer, you are constantly seeking certainty in an ever-growing world of e-commerce. You want to know whether the orders you have placed will be delivered and if the webshops you visit are secure. As we want our customers to clearly understand how our members ensure a pleasant and secure shopping experience, we have developed guarantees and badges.

A guarantee is a standard by which we test our members PEPPER JOBS. When they have demonstrated that they are able to offer a guarantee, we reward them with a badge. This badge is proof that the webshop has been assessed on the point in question and satisfies our requirements. As such, you as a consumer can quickly check where a webshop satisfies requirements and where there may be room for improvement.


What kinds of badges are there and what's their significance for me?

There are various badges that can be earned. Each badge has different requirements and usually multiple levels. The better a webshop scores, the better the badge will be displayed. Below is an overview of the badges that are currently available.



The Review Badge

Reviews can let you know as a consumer the state of affairs at a webshop. A web retailer can earn this badge by gathering reviews. A badge of the highest level requires at least 50 relevant reviews and an average score of at least 9.




The Identity Badge

As a consumer, you want to know what you're buying. This badge is therefore given when all contact details are known. Furthermore, details can be officially verified by post, email and telephone for the highest level of this badge.




The Disputes Mediation Badge

Problems or complaints sometimes require external mediation. The worst cases sometimes require a legal judgement by a disputes committee. This badge shows that the webshop has arranged these matters clearly for the consumer.




The Legal Badge

Legislation related to e-commerce is subject to fast and continuous change; it is therefore important to know that the web retailer knows and complies with these rules. We thoroughly investigate webshops before awarding this badge. A recent inspection is necessary to get the highest level.




The Safe Browsing Badge

Malware and viruses are dangerous. This badge can be earned by satisfying specific protection requirements. A continuous scan results in a SUPER badge. A webshop without this badge is not necessarily unsafe as other measures exist.

Not happy with how your complaint has been handled?
Webshop customers can also submit their complaint via the European online platform (ODR) for dispute resolution. This can be found via