PEPPER JOBS SSS-T6 Solid Sturdy Stand Monitor Stand

SSS-T6 Monitor Stand
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  • Availability: In stock (39)

SSS-T6 (Solid Sturdy Stand) is a foldable stand designed to work with various types of display devices including tablets, laptops and portable monitors.

SSS-T6 monitor stand | PEPPER JOBS EU

Weighing 650g (22.9oz) plus its dual-pole structure, SSS-T6 provides exceptional stability of holding a larger size tablet, such as an iPad Pro 12.9” or Galaxy Tab S7+ while you are tapping on the screen of these devices. SSS-T6 can also be utilized as a laptop stand for laptops under 14” and <1.4kg. The universal design of SSS-T6 also allows it to be compatible with basically all the portable monitors on the market that the screen size is ranging between 12” to 17”.

Besides the dual-pole design and solid weight, SSS-T6 also supports both height and viewing angle adjustment and making it one of the most outstanding ergonomic stands for daily use.

The fully foldable design means that you can carry this stand around in your briefcase, backpack or luggage and use it anywhere & anytime with your mobile devices.

PEPPER JOBS SSS-T6 (Solid Sturdy Stand)


Dual pole design

Offers sturdy support for any types of monitor that Pepper Jobs offered, also suitable for iPad, android tablet or any smartphone devices.  No more filmy stand!!

PEPPER JOBS SSS-T6 (Solid Sturdy Stand)


Adjustable angle

Flexible adjustment allows you to adjust the height and viewing angles, no matter if you are using it for gaming or watching movies.

PEPPER JOBS SSS-T6 (Solid Sturdy Stand)


Grippy material

Offer extra safety, premium design with the quality material, every small details count.

PEPPER JOBS SSS-T6 (Solid Sturdy Stand)


Foldable design

Strong, Sturdy stand that folds into 120cm x 170cm size, fits in to your handbag easily.

PEPPER JOBS SSS-T6 (Solid Sturdy Stand)


Balance design

Well ergonomic designs offers the best balance stand, simple as that.

Technical specifications PEPPER JOBS SSS-T6 (Solid Sturdy Stand)


650g / 22.9oz

Height adjustment

+5.1cm / +2 in max.

Viewing Angle adjustment

0-135 degrees

Build materials

Aluminum alloy & PC plastic body, silicone anti-slip pads




QiuAmazon Posted on January 16, 2021 14:37

Great tablet holder, I like it

It is a very sturdy stand which holds my tablet well, you can adjust it to any angle you want. I have a mini tablet, but it’s a big stand, it can also hold an iPad Pro. The price is fair.

J. W (AMAZON) Posted on January 16, 2021 14:36

My portable iMac “mini”

I love my 15” MacBook Pro, but it’s too heavy to carry it with all the accessories. Sometimes, I put an iPad alone with wireless keyboard and mouse into a lightweight computer go-bag for my work. This setup works ok for me, but one thing bothers me that the fixed kickstand on the iPad case never gets the right angle for me, especially, when there is reflection from the screen.

This tablet stand is an essential piece to complete my portable iPad setup. It can easily fold into a pouch and the angle and height are adjustable. I can set it up in a minute and start writing. Also, the whole thing looks like a mini version of the iMac.

Buyer (AMAZON)
Buyer (AMAZON) Posted on January 16, 2021 14:35

Love it.

I love this stand. Since, I carry my tablet everywhere I go and this stand comes very handy. It can be fold so that makes easier to carry around. This stand is actually design for tablets and 15 inch monitors, so you need something for your 6 inch iPhone or Samsung phone then this won't work for you unless you put your phone in a landscape orientation.

Simon F.
Simon F. Posted on January 15, 2021 16:51

Very impressive

Great, no problems at all and excellent customer service

Ryan D.
Ryan D. Posted on January 15, 2021 16:50

Well made and stable monitor stand, although too low for my use case

This is a really good portable monitor stand because it is well made and compact when folded away. I bought it to use on a desk for working from home and it was too low for my uses, but I think many people will be happy with this. Customer support is excellent.

EMC_net Posted on January 15, 2021 16:43

Amazon: Absolutely fantastic stand. Great contemporary design, functional ad really sturdy. Value for money.

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