Product description

Pepper Jobs QSC7180 LTE Mini PC is an ultra-compact, energy-efficient ARM Mini PC that gives you the freedom to perform all the tasks whether it’s your freelance work, watching your favorite movies, streaming, games or you name it. It is powered with an ARM-based Qualcomm SC7180 processor that eliminates the need of using a fan to cool down the system and consumes way less power as compared to X86 based processors.

Now you can enjoy all the Windows applications and softwares with high performance and high energy efficiency on an ARM computer. Whether you want to work from home or office or indulge yourself in entertainment, Pepper Jobs QSC7180 LTE Mini PC got you covered. 

Specifications QSC7180 LTE:

Model  QSC7180 LTE
Processor  Qualcomm SC7180 Snapdragon
4G  4G Network (SIM Card Support)
Storage Expansion  microSD and USB

 HDMI 1 Supports 1080p Resolution (Video only)

 HDMI 2 Supports 2k Resolution (Audio and video)

 Dual-channel display

USB  2 USB 2.0 and 1 USB 3.0
Audio Input  3.5mm MIC input
Audio Output  3.5mm audio jack supports left and right stereo channels
LAN  Supports 100MB LAN input
Memory + Storage  4GB + 128GB
Wi-Fi  5th Gen. Wi-Fi (2.4Ghz + 5Ghz)
Bluetooth  Bluetooth 5.1


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