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MINIX H1 HDMI to HDMI Wireless Display Dongle | up to 50 meters!

Introducing the MINIX H1, the groundbreaking HDMI to HDMI Dongle Transmitter and Receiver that redefines connectivity. With a plug-and-play setup, this dongle requires no drivers or apps, ensuring a seamless experience. Its universal compatibility spans across laptops, tablets, smartphones - offering flawless connectivity and stunning UHD 1080P 60Hz visuals. Choose between mirror or extend mode effortlessly to suit your needs. Transmitting up to 50 meters/164 ft, its compact size ensures portability without compromising functionality. Streamline entertainment with uninterrupted one-to-one transmission, bypassing Wi-Fi logins for a direct, reliable 5GHz connection. Experience instant device swapping and content sharing for teaching, gaming, or collaborative projects - ushering in unprecedented convenience and versatility.

Effortless Setup

Enjoy a hassle-free experience with our plug-and-play design—no drivers or apps required. Skip the tedious Wi-Fi logins; our device operates independently, ensuring a direct and reliable connection.

Flexible Display Options

Choose between mirror or extend mode to suit your needs, whether it's duplicating your screen or expanding your desktop for enhanced productivity.

Crystal Clear UHD 1080P60Hz

Experience stunning video quality with ultra-high-definition resolution at 60Hz, ensuring sharp and vibrant visuals. Enjoy swift and lag-free transmission with our 5GHz connection, ideal for high-bandwidth activities like gaming and video streaming.

Extended Range

Transmit video signals up to an impressive 50 meters/164 ft, providing flexibility in your setup and eliminating the need for cumbersome cables.

Seamless Entertainment

Stream Netflix, Disney+ and other content seamlessly, maximizing your home entertainment experience.

Instant Swap and Share

Effortlessly switch between devices and share content in real-time, whether it's for teaching, entertainment, office collaboration, or home improvement projects.


HDMI transmitter (Tx)+ HDMI receiver (Rx)

Video resolutions up to 1080p@60Hz



To power the receiver, you'll need an external USB-A power source with a minimum of 5V/0.5A output.

Compatible Devices
Laptops, Game Console or Smartphones that support Standard HDMI output

*Latency could affect your FPS intensive gameplay experience.


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