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PEPPER JOBS XtendViz ™ XV1610F is een draagbare full HD-monitor met gelijkstroomvoeding. Het kan rechtstreeks worden gevoed door een laptop of smartphone die wordt geleverd met een Thunderbolt 3- of USB-C-poort.

PEPPER JOBS XtendViz 1610F portable monitor

(Opmerking: de USB-C-poort moet een poort met volledige functionaliteit zijn die zowel DP-Alt-video-uitvoer ondersteunt en in staat is om ten minste 5V / 1,5A uit te voeren om voldoende stroom aan de monitor te leveren)

Uitgerust met een 15,6-inch full HD IPS-paneel, transformeertde PEPPER JOBS XtendViz ™ XV1610F uw USB-C-smartphonebeeld naar een desktopinterface met groot scherm via een enkele USB-C-kabel of breidt het het scherm van uw laptop uit om uw productiviteit te verhogen. (Controleer de lijst met ondersteunde modellen bij ons als u niet zeker weet wat de USB-C-mogelijkheden van uw apparaat zijn)

De twee USB-C-invoerpoorten ondersteunen zowel signaalinvoer als doorvoerladen, het enige wat u hoeft te doen is één enkele oplader op de XV1610F aan te sluiten om tegelijkertijd uw aangesloten apparaat op te laden (oplader NIET inbegrepen). Media van hoge kwaliteit worden aangevuld door dubbele luidsprekers die een superieure stereo surround sound-ervaring bieden. Terwijl de OTG-poort in gebruik is met USB-C-ingang, dient hij ook als een eenvoudige USB-hub, zodat u verbinding kunt maken met een draadloze toetsenbord- / muisontvanger of een USB-stick. Je kunt ook verbinding maken met je favoriete gameconsole (zoals Nintendo Switch) via een enkele USB-C-kabel samen met de originele voedingsadapter en genieten van gamen op een groter scherm.

Zowel USB-C als mini HDMI-ingangen bieden universele compatibiliteit voor de meeste elektronische apparaten. XtendViz ™ is de veelzijdige, hoogwaardige draagbare monitoroplossing waarnaar u op zoek was!

Vergroot uw zichtbaarheid!

PEPPER JOBS XtendViz XV1610F portable monitor


Zie dingen anders met superbrede kijkhoeken - het perfecte regisseursscherm.

PEPPER JOBS XtendViz XV1610F portable monitor


Maak verbinding met je NINTENDO SWITCH en dompel direct in de game-ervaring onder.

* Het aansluiten van de XV1610F op een externe voedingsbron zoals de PD18W10P powerbank is nodig


PEPPER JOBS XtendViz XV1610F portable monitor


Echt meeslepend geluid Geniet van je favoriete game, content of film met ons ingebouwde verbeterde Dual Speaker-systeem.

PEPPER JOBS XtendViz XV1610F portable monitor


Twee USB-C-invoerpoorten ondersteunen zowel signaalinvoer als passtrough-opladen, en voeden de XV1610F rechtstreeks vanaf uw apparaat.

* De USB-C-poort is een volledig uitgeruste poort die zowel DP-Alt-video-uitvoer ondersteunt en in staat is om ten minste V / 1.5A uit te voeren om voldoende stroom aan de monitor te leveren.



Technische specificaties PEPPER JOBS XtendViz XV1610F

15.6-inch IPS, 1920 x 1080P @ 60Hz max.

220 cd/m2, LED backlit (Om maximale helderheid te bereiken, sluit u de monitor aan op een gelijkstroombron)

Contrast Ratio

Digital Input
USB-C (DP-ALT mode), mini HDMI

Power Input
5-20V DC input with PD (Power Delivery) or QC (Qualcomm Quick Charge) protocol

2x 8Ω 2W (Sluit de monitor aan op een gelijkstroombron om een ​​maximaal uitvoervolume te bereiken)


USB-C x2, OTG Port x1, Mini HDMI Port x1, 3.5mm Audio Jack x1

Compatible OS
Windows 10, macOS, Android, Linux, Chrome OS, Raspbian

Voor Samsung DeX-modus en Switch-gaming moeten beide de XV1610F op een externe voedingsbron worden aangesloten.

809g (without cover) / 1141g (with cover)

356.5 x 228 x 9.8mm

CE, FCC, PSE, RoHS, etc.

Energielabel C download hier voor XtendViz XT1610F | PEPPER JOBS EU

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Robert Emerson
Robert Emerson Geplaatst op May 31, 2021 12:22

Nice image Good image, very portable. Power connection does flicker some times which is odd.

Maria Geplaatst op May 31, 2021 12:21

Amazing Excellent product, i use it for work. Does not glitch, does not turn off.

Clemente Catts
Clemente Catts Geplaatst op May 31, 2021 12:19

Not exactly what I wanted, but my fault! My mistake I thought I had ordered another PJ product, but this wasn't the touch I thought I was getting! The model numbers are similar, so I really thought I was getting something else. I'm not going to give it a bad rating because I made a mistake, so I'll give it 3 stars.

Kassandra Mullen
Kassandra Mullen Geplaatst op May 31, 2021 12:19

Portable and convenient. Works well, allows me to work remotely anywhere with 2 screens, perfect for travel too!

Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera Geplaatst op May 31, 2021 12:18

Really good display! The convince of having a second display especially if you're in college during these times we're living in is just amazing, one screen for your MS teams call and on this display you can code and do various other tasks. The actual panel on it is really nice the resolution is really good and since it's a matte screen not glossy you won't get glare if any.

Seth Welday (AMAZON)
Seth Welday (AMAZON) Geplaatst op January 16, 2021 14:16

Highly recommend this monitor!

I highly recommend this monitor! I have been using this monitor for a week so far and am extremely happy with it. The brightness and color is great, videos look amazing. My wife and I work remote mostly, so we wanted something that could travel with us. The case on it seems fine to handle the strain of a suitcase or backpack.

Currently it is serving as a second monitor for my MacBook Pro, which uses the HMDI for video/audio and the power supply. My wife briefly used it for her newer MacBook which was able to do power and data just through the USB C cable (all cables included btw).

Audio is decent as well, which surprised me due to how thin the monitor is. I definitely recommend this to any who need a second portable monitor.

PD (AMAZON) Geplaatst op January 16, 2021 14:14

Best One Out of Three I Tried.

got this as a second monitor for my Acer Predator laptop. I run a USB-C cable from laptop to the PepperJobs. It gives me a picture but it stays dim, not enough power. I run a second USB-C cable from monitor to a power strip, and then the monitor comes alive. The most important take-a-way is the image quality... it MATCHES my Acer Predator gaming laptop screen. Absolutely nuts. I've tried a few brands. This is the best.

IMScrat (AMAZON) Geplaatst op January 16, 2021 14:13

Nice, functional external monitor.

This is worth looking into buying. The picture is really good with full HD. I love the several ways to hook it up and the fact it has a built in case to protect it. I tend to use these things externally powered besides the connection and it worked great that way. It's got a menu that covers just about everything important and instead of a button to access it there is a little wheel thingamabob, which is kind of different and nice. The sound is pretty ok- not the greatest but solid. All around it's a pretty good external monitor.

CocoLoco (AMAZON)
CocoLoco (AMAZON) Geplaatst op January 16, 2021 14:12

Works perfectly, good size

This monitor works perfectly and it’s super thin and portable. Set up is a breeze, just connect your cables and your good to go. Depending on what type of connection you use, you might not even have to plug it into an outlet.

This screen is so thin and lightweight it’s crazy. The cover is awesome and folds back into a neat little stand. This works perfectly with my mini PC. I have my mouse plugged into this screen too and it works perfectly. This came with a variety of cables and instructions on what connections are optimal for different set ups.

Jimster480 (AMAZON)
Jimster480 (AMAZON) Geplaatst op January 16, 2021 14:11

Really requires 2 USB ports, needs too much power for a single port, reasonable quality.

Tried this out with my Pixelbook and wasn't able to use it with a single cable. While the color accuracy is decent (when there are 2 cables plugged in) I basically needed an external battery pack to power the monitor through its power port as I used it.

I attached 2 photos so you can see how dim the screen is without the supplementary power. To be clear; the pixelbook Go that I have can put out a lot of power from the USB-C port but the monitor just cannot handle it.

I had to use a power adapter with my second laptop also because that laptop only uses HDMI and then the single USB port from the laptop wasn't enough to give it a bright screen.

So basically put; you need a dedicated power adapter or power bank to be able to drive this monitor.

To me this is a big takeaway from an otherwise good portable monitor.

Dip In Ink (AMAZON)
Dip In Ink (AMAZON) Geplaatst op January 16, 2021 14:10

Good in a Pinch, But Not for Regular Use.

I have tried this monitor out now with both my Switch and my phone (Samsung). I have to say it hooks up easily, and I like the multiple options you have for connection. I use this primarily when I want to play when out, or if my girlfriend is controlling the larger monitor we share for gaming use. This gives me the option to play on the side if I feel like it.

The image quality is pretty decent, but it falls flat on the sound. It just doesn’t have the quality sound that I like. However, considering I use it as a secondary instead of a primary monitor, that’s not as big of an issue. When I want full immersion play, I’ll get it with my other monitor and speaker setup. I do also like the dial thru menus, which is an approach I haven’t really seen on other monitors, and I like the ease of use they provide over the normal buttons.

Siyal Celik (AMAZON)
Siyal Celik (AMAZON) Geplaatst op January 16, 2021 14:09

Decent monitor, The speakers aren't good.

In my opinion, one of the most important things to look for in a monitor is the resolution and the quality of the display. This monitor passes the test for those. Everything else with this monitor is also good except for the speakers. The speakers, compared to the speakers on my Mac is very very poor. Especially if you are playing music.

Another thing that I should mention is the portability of this monitor. I think that it is best to use this monitor if you need an additional display on your desk. I do not think that this monitor can be carried and used in different places easily just like your regular laptop or tablet. The reason is that this monitor has to be connected to your computer with wires for power and video. If you are okay with that it can still be a great monitor to carry around.

Overall this is a great monitor and especially it will NOT disappoint you with its image quality. It comes with a nice case. I got another portable monitor and it did not come with a case. So this is another plus for this monitor.

PM (AMAZON) Geplaatst op January 16, 2021 14:07

Quite nice portable monitor.

Product Review: PEPPER JOBS 15.6" USB-C Portable Monitor,XtendViz XV1610F,Full HD IPS Screen, Dual Speakers, HDMI-in, OTG, for Samsung DeX, Switch, Huawei EMUI, ChromeBook, PS4 and More…

This is a rather nice 15.6" portable display that checks off most of all the essentials in these type of displays.

- DP over USB for convenience.

- IPS, good viewing angles.

- A built-in set of speakers that actually work fairly well.

- Customizations for color balance, color temperature, calibrates pretty good.

- Thumb wheel for menu navigation, a MUCH better solution than annoying buttons

- Useable integrated protective cover.

- Plug and play usability

Must have a secondary USB power source to hit the max backlight brightness and audio output levels.

3D sound capabilities do sound pretty good, but the overall volume is a bit low even when maxed, and the bass response is nearly absent. Given these shortcomings and limitations, it is usable in a pinch, but you will be better off using your computer speakers.

The price point is a bit high and less competitive than its peers. Has some nice features and solid performance, however, and is worthy of your consideration.

Keris Geplaatst op January 16, 2021 14:05

Very clear bright vibrant picture.

Very clear great picture view. Bright colors. Really makes video games pop and look so alive and real. Very simple to hook up. Just plug into the wall outlet and plug into the game system and play.

K. Taylor (AMAZON)
K. Taylor (AMAZON) Geplaatst op January 16, 2021 14:04

Very solid and well made monitor. Of the three portable monitors I’ve tested recently I think this is my favourite. That’s not really saying much, though, as all of these 15.6” portable IPS monitors share the same basic architecture and offer very similar performance. The difference is that this one is $20-50 more expensive than the others I’ve tested, and those extra dollars seem to have been wisely invested in quality control.

The XtendViz monitor feels stable and well built. There are no creaking hinges, warped screens and loose panels, and I don’t get the feeling that this thing is going to break on me after a little rough treatment. Basically it feels like a monitor built by a brand with a reputation to protect, rather than a no name company that makes throwaway tat. The screen is bright and crisp, and even the speakers - while a little weedy at 2W - work well enough not to cause complaint. Most portable monitors in this price range don’t have speakers at all.

There are just two things I don’t particularly love here. First is the length of the cables. Both the USB-C and HDMI cables are something like 3’ in length, which is a little too short if you want to hook this monitor up to a desktop tower beneath your desk. It’s fine if you plan to use this as a second monitor directly beside your laptop, but for anything else you’ll need to work out some kind of extension solution. Second, the button/rocker to access the settings menu is awful. The button itself is sharp and uncomfortable, and if you need to enter the settings menu regularly you’ll come to curse it. Fortunately the display was set up just right for me straight out of the box, so unless I need to switch to night mode every day I’ll rarely need to use the menu.

All in all this is very solid. It feels more like a professional and upscale product than other monitors I’ve tested, and the extra few dollars on the price tag are, I think, worth it.

Mark Geplaatst op January 16, 2021 13:57

XtendViz XV1610F and customer service is great

I have tried a few different portable monitors, and I've found the XtendViz XV1610F to be great.

The most popular non-touch portable monitor seems to be the ASUS ZenScreen MB16ACM/ACE, and I have found the XtendViz to be brighter, have better colours and have better connectivity — you can even connect a Chromecast with HDMI to Mini HDMI adaptor. There are no issues connecting to a laptop using Mini DP to Mini HDMI. The build quality is great, sturdy and no issues with the ports or menu dial.

The only minor issue is the Mini HDMI and power ports are on the right-hand side of the monitor and if you want to position it to the right of your main screen, the ports ideally would be on the left of the monitor. I've used some angled cables to keep this as neat as possible.

A small point, the first monitor I received was faulty and would power on and off constantly — however I contacted the support email and the customer service was great. Quick response, thorough troubleshooting to check cables, device, settings etc. Once we had established the issue was with the monitor not anything else, it was replaced with next day delivery and free collection of the faulty device. The support was from Madison, so thank you very much again for all your help.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend the XtendViz and wouldn't hesitate to buy further devices in future.

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