PEPPER JOBS XtendTouch XT1610F (V2) di Pepper Jobs è un monitor touchscreen portatile con batteria integrata da 10800 mAh.

PepperJobs XtendTouch XT1610F USB-C Monitor
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XtendTouch XT1610F di Pepper Jobs è un monitor touchscreen portatile con batteria integrata da 10800 mAh.

XtendTouch XT1610F di Pepper Jobs è un monitor touchscreen portatile con batteria integrata da 10800 mAh. Dotato di display IPS full HD da 15,6 pollici e un touchscreen capacitivo da 10 punti, XtendTouch trasferisce la schermata degli smartphone dotati di USB-C a un'interfaccia desktop più ampia attraverso un unico cavo USB-C o amplia lo schermo del computer portatile con un touchscreen più grande.

La vita della batteria integrata dura 6 ore con l'ingresso HDMI e oltre 5 con l'ingresso USB-C. Oltre a contenuti multimediali di alta qualità, il monitor è dotato di altoparlanti Quad, che offrono un'esperienza di suono in stereo surround di altissima qualità. Quando è collegato tramite l'ingresso USB-C, la porta OTG funge anche da semplice hub USB, permettendoti di collegare un ricevitore wireless o una chiave USB. Puoi anche connettere la tua console di gioco preferita (come Nintendo Switch) attraverso un unico cavo USB-C per goderti l'esperienza di gioco su uno schermo più grande. Gli ingressi USB-C e mini HDMI offrono una compatibilità universale per la maggior parte dei dispositivi elettronici.

XtendTouch è il monitor portatile versatile e di alta qualità che stavi cercando!

XtendTouch XT1610F di Pepper Jobs è un monitor touchscreen portatile con batteria integrata da 10800 mAh.

Un'eccezionale Wide Vision

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Timothy Postato su March 31, 2021 18:36

Ruim een jaar geleden een X-tend touch XT1610f usb- c mointor aangeschaft, snel en correct geleverd. Inmiddels is mijn usb-c wall charger adapter defect geraakt, contact opgenomen met pepperjobs, het bleek nog binnen de garantie periode te vallen. Binnen één dag kreeg ik van pepperjobs een vervangde wall charger kosteloos toegestuurd. Top service!

Vinicius Rabello
Vinicius Rabello Postato su October 25, 2020 20:20

Highlights only:

Positive: Battery duration is what sets this device apart.

Negative: Audio is low and you can't connect an external speaker.

Please consider that in the next version :)

Otto Vaessen
Otto Vaessen Postato su October 13, 2020 13:35

Een handige draagbare monitor die als tweede scherm kan dienen bij een Macbook of als hoofdscherm bij mijn PiBoy die op een Raspberry Pi 4 draait. Daarnaast kan dit scherm op nagenoeg ieder apparaat aangesloten worden dat een HDMI-uitgang heeft. Het enige nadeeltje wat dit scherm heeft is dat het opladen vanuit het stroomnet en de doorgifte van het beeldsignaal niet via dezelfde kabel gebeurt zodat je altijd twee kabels (eentje voor de stroom doorvoer en eentje voor de beelddoorgifte) aan je monitor hebt hangen. Wat mijn beoordeling tot de maximale van vijf sterren heeft geleid, is de grote interne batterij die het scherm ruim vijf uur kan voeden. Hierdoor trekt het scherm niet gelijk je aangesloten apparaat leeg. Daarnaast ziet het apparaat er heel mooi en afgewerkt uit. De hoge prijs van driehonderddertig euro is het enige wat een beetje roet in het eten kan gooien.

Scott O'Neill (AMAZON)
Scott O'Neill (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 15:36

Very happy I love my pepper Jack portable screen absolutely amazing product, Love all the accessories that came with it.

joe columbus oh (AMAZON)
joe columbus oh (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 15:34

Good quality screen. With good touchOk this product is great works with my laptop, my android, and rasber pi.. the brightness is good and speakers are ok. A small learning curve for the menu but not to hard to figure out.. the charge rate is slow so dont expect a fast charge despite being usb c.. it is a quality product with quality packaging. A bit heaftyier than I had thought but that's the battery in it. Makes for a great portable dex station. 6 hours is about the time I got out of it. Touch worked with both my android and my windows 10 laptop.

Jeffrey M Cookle (AMAZON)
Jeffrey M Cookle (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 15:33

Perfect for Dex and an extra monitor on my Mac

This screen is amazing, I really like it a lot. I only have had it for one day, but it works perfectly with Dex and my Samsung Galaxy Fold. Touch screen is very responsive with Dex and using it for work and watching videos. It is also great as an extra monitor with my Mac. Thank you!

luis a micel (AMAZON)
luis a micel (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 15:31

Portabilidad Me gusta por la bateria q tiene q si lo vuelve portable

PW (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 15:06

Ready to use out of the box since it has an inbuilt battery This is a very nice device. It is steady. I haven’t used the touch yet but for my work it has improved my productivity

Errick A Barrett (AMAZON)
Errick A Barrett (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 15:05

Wrong charger?

I like how thin it is, and that it supports dex. Pretty much have no need for internet on a tablet now. One issue i had was the charger. My monitor wouldn't charge. So i looked at the brick that came with it and noticed it was a 5v 2a. Package said it was supposed to come with ab 18w charger. My remedial math skills say the brick i got was 10w. See photo. Maybe i got a return item? No idea, but customer support wanted me to return the whole thing just to get a proper power source. I looked at my friends samsung adaptive quick charger and it puts out 9v 2a. Gave it a try and it worked, so im just going to get one of those and be done with it. Just something to keep in mind if you plug yours in and it doesn't charge.

MHow (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 15:01

Fantastic portable monitor!

Fantastic purchase. Honestly better than I expected. Hook up is simple and easy for all sorts of applications. Presentation was absolutely outstanding! Works with my Samsung Note 8 and Samsung Dex is immediately recognized. Switch easily between that and screen mirroring for any applications that do not fully support Dex. Pen is a bonus, but nothing special other than a pointer.

carlos hernandez (AMAZON)
carlos hernandez (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 15:00

awesome product really good product and nice presentation, good quality, touchscreen its alright and for gaming i give it a 7 out of 10.

LAMONT PHILLIPS (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 14:57

It's a monitor Works as advertised

Juan O. (AMAZON)
Juan O. (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 14:56

Great little portable monitor. Various input makes it very flexible.I've been using this monitor now for almost 2 months. I use it with my MBP16 inch for 3D designs and Vectorworks. I also use it for LD work as an external monitor for my MA3 Command wing (Touch screen is awesome!). I would give this product 5 stars but the battery dies after about 3 hours sometimes. I also noticed that the battery never charges Above 93%. I might have a defective unit so I will contact the manufacture.

dyjo (AMAZON)
dyjo (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 14:55

One of the best touch screen with built in battery for under $400.

This product has been sold out for months. I was watching a review on Pepper Jobs and went to the Amazon link. Some how, I lucked out and there was one left. I’m so happy I got this. It comes with all the cables and a nice thin magnetic case. The build quality is solid and looks amazing. I’m using this with my Samsung S20 Ultra Dex and now it’s an awesome portable computer/tablet.

Cupid (AMAZON)
Cupid (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 14:53

Good but some design fixes can hopefully improve it

Product is nice but can't be charged from my laptop with usb c. Can't use the single cable if the battery is dead which sucks. Pretty much when the battery is dead you need a wall socket which pretty much defeats the purpose of choosing a USB c style portable monitor.

Also the touch screen is delayed and pretty much crappy for anything but basic touch.

The battery does last long however . Screen is ok and build quality feels fine

Matt (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 14:52

Mostly satisfied with this stellar screen...

After some extensive research on a portable monitor to use with my Nintendo Switch, I finally decided to purchase this product. I found the internal battery to be an attractive feature compared to other portable monitors that I’ve owned. Especially considering how thin the actual device is. The impressive presentation of the packaging is of a very high and professional quality with all of the cables that you’d ever need with this. This leads me into the first problem that I have with the device. After trying numerous USB-C to USB-C cables, I’ve noticed that the only cable that seems to work is the shorter one that’s included with the unit. That’s disappointing. The clarity and quality of the matte screen itself is fantastic. The included flip cover is serviceable with a magnetic connection and few viewing angles. Colors are bright and vivid with plenty of adjustable settings. This leads me to the next and probably most glaring issue I have with the device. In order to enter the settings menu and access the different display and audio options, you must first hold down the brightness up button on the side of the screen for 3 seconds. Once the menu is open you need to use the volume buttons to cycle through and make your selections. This is needlessly convoluted and made even more frustrating by the fact that the menu seems to automatically time out after a few seconds if you haven’t made a selection. This could’ve easily been remedied by including a simple remote control in the packaging. As for performance, most of the games I’ve tested seem to run at full speed without any problems. I say most because in theory all of the games should run as expected in docked mode. Animal Crossing New Horizons in particular is one of these exceptions. The game runs at almost half speed when using this screen. I’m not sure why this happens with this game specifically, but it is certainly annoying and after adjusting multiple settings I still cannot seem to get it to run correctly. If this changes I will update my review. I have not personally tested the performance of this screen as a secondary PC monitor or while connected to any other game consoles and therefore cannot state an opinion on the touch screen feature. That said, all the needed ports and cables are included in the box should you choose. As far as the on board stereo speakers go, they’re not the loudest but decent enough for what this is. However, there is no headphone jack. All said and done, this is a great device with a lot of value for the money. Especially if you’re planning on using it for a dock less connection to your Nintendo Switch like I am. However, considering the meticulous packaging, for the money it’s a damn shame that a remote control wasn’t included or that simple menu buttons weren’t added to the unit.

M. Kuffler (AMAZON)
M. Kuffler (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 14:51

Outstanding Portable Panel!

This device comes in easily the best packaging I've ever seen.

Build quality is outstanding and the add-on cables and adapters that come with it are all top shelf.

I use this panel with Samsung DeX. Touch sensitivity is solid in DeX mode for all regions of the screen. The meager support questions I've had have been answered promptly and accurately.

Screen quality is excellent. No dead or low color pixels. The screen is bright but no over bearing.

The case is simple and highly effective. The magnetized pieces are a huge help. I also use a Plugable keyboard (bought on Amazon) with a Samsung Note 10.

Great Great product, can't wait for what's next!

Gen (AMAON) Postato su July 13, 2020 14:50

Terrible quality, doesn't last

I've used it less hand 10 times and the screen wont turn on or charge. Has been a huge disappointment, especially considering the price. I really thought this would be high quality product. At least that it would last a few more times, wow. And really I feel robbed, especially now

Feroz Kiyani (AMAZON)
Feroz Kiyani (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 14:49

Impressive product with superb customer service

Amazing product that really speaks finesse. It looks slick! I ran into an issue where I messed up the screen and Ken worked tirelessly with me to see to it that the issue was resolved. I am highly impressed with the customer service and that alone is worth its weight in gold.

The speakers decent and to my liking. The battery on the screen is impressive as well. I use this for my Samsung Dex, and Shadow Cloud PC. I have tried both USB (using OTB) mouse and keyboard as well as Bluetooth and had no issues. The case is superb and holds up pretty well. Loving this monitor.

Cameron bruce
Cameron bruce Postato su July 13, 2020 14:48

great portable monitor. Has built in battery which can charge your phone! Used for Samsung DEX

Amazon Customer (AMAZON)
Amazon Customer (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 14:46

100% worth it. Great Product.

Javier (AMAZON)
Javier (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 14:45

No stylus (V2)

The quality looks great, lots of connectivity but very disappointed that mine did not come with a stylus, instead they sent a clean cloth. I would have preferred the stylus.

EDIT V2 has NO stylus!

LaWAYNE Bontrager (AMAZON)
LaWAYNE Bontrager (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 14:43

Decent product for the price

This screen is quite wonderful. I use it for Samsung DeX. It's really nice that it has a battery pack built in, so that my phone charges rather than dying like it normally would when I plug my phone into the screen. It also has touchscreen, which is much better than using my phone for a mouse, but it's more of a push screen rather than just touch. The graphics are also slightly outdated, but they work fine, if your not trying to do some intense graphic work. The biggest issue that I have with it is that it seems that this screen will not work with other cords. For some reason I can only use Pepper Jobs's cords to connect with this screen. It's been somewhat annoying, but I've been able to work with it. For the most part it's a wonderful screen, especially considering what I paid for it, but I could definitely see place for improvement.

Edit: After they saw my review, they contacted me about the cords and said that many usb-c cords that are available are just fake ones that don't work for much more than charging. If you want to use a different cord than what they provide, it needs to be a USB 3.1 GEN 2 cord. Also if you want to use a hub with it, buy one that connects with micro usb or otg. The screen has a port that is made to connect other usb devices, such as keyboards, mice, memory storage, etc..

D. Mascio (AMAZON)
D. Mascio (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 14:42

Battery Powered Portable Monitor.

Bought this for my Samsung Dex setup after seeing a review video on YouTube. I love that this product has a battery which makes it a truly portable option. The usb-c charge port is on one side while the usb-c port to connect your device for video output is on the other so you have the ability to use and charge it at the same time. The touchscreen requires a longer touch to respond than the touchscreen on your phone but I typically use it with a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse anyway. So far it has held up well while providing the experience I was going after.

C. Human (AMAZON)
C. Human (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 14:40

Picture is great, but everything else is ok

Overall pros:

The device has an excellent display, even supporting HDR content. Colors are super vivid, but there are settings if you prefer a more natural look. It's also super bright for its size.

Support for external devices was pretty good. When I connected via USB-C to my Galaxy S20 Ultra, it immediately detected DeX compatibility and the touch features worked just fine. When connected via USB-C to my Nintendo Switch, it went into Dock mode without issue, although it seemed to be running at 30fps even though it reported 60hz mode.

The range of cables that came with it should fill any need. It has a 10Gbps USB-C cable, Power Delivery charger, HDMI to Mini-HDMI cable, as well as HDMI to Mini-HDMI adapter if you want to use your own cable (like for a Chromecast, which worked perfectly, even HDR mode)

Overall cons:

Speakers are honestly super weak. For something claiming to have four speakers, it doesn't get very loud and the sound is very narrow and barely good enough for dialog. The speakers on my phone were twice as loud and sounded fuller than the speakers on this thing. It really should have a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Battery life was ok, but for something rated at over 10,000mA capacity, it was aiming to be dead after only a few hours if at max brightness and charging an external device. Definitely should have an external power supply if you intend to use this for extended periods.

The touchscreen aspect feels a little squishy, needing some pressure on the screen to register touches. Compared to a tablet or phone with a hard glass screen, it feels a little weird. Once you get past that, the touch feature is responsive and accurate.


Overall this is an amazing display. Supporting just about anything you could possibly want to plug into it and displaying it with a sharp, bright, and vivid display. Battery life is good enough to watch a movie or play a game on the go, but if you want to run this at max brightness or use HDR, it's best to keep it plugged into power. Sound is pretty poor and it doesn't seem to have a way to connect any external speakers or headphones, so hopefully your source device has separate audio outputs if you want to get the full audio experience. As an addon display for a laptop, it's excellent and the touch features seem to work great, although the screen feels a bit squishy and takes a little pressure to register touches (compared to my Galaxy S20 Ultra). For a portable gaming experience, it's good enough, but you'll want to find some other way to play audio, like some gaming headphones connected directly to the console.

Chuck Postato su July 13, 2020 14:39

The Idea is almost there, the execution is poor

The whole concept is fantastic, one portable screen to rule them all. I can connect my S10 and enter dex mode with 1 cable, the same goes for my Switch.

The screen is bright and good.

Speakers are ok, they are as good as my S10 speakers... which is not that good considering the size, but good value for the money.

The overall quality is very poor, looks nice, works poorly. Touch screen is not really responsive and ports are quite fragile.

If you can bump up the quality and maybe add a case that actually protects the screen and where you can store the phone or switch you will have a winner. In the meanwhile I would expect a lot of returns.

Casey Herman (AMAZON)
Casey Herman (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 14:30

Very good monitor wish the audio was louderI've used this for Samsung dex, raspberry pi 4, and a second display for my laptop.

Works great.

Only gripe is I wish the audio was louder.

Luis Govantes (AMAZON)
Luis Govantes (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 14:25

Missing Critical cable and very poor instructions.

I received the XtendTouch XT1610F today and althought the unit has exceptional packaging, the box that is supposed to store the USB-c to USB-c sync and charge cable is MISSING! This reflects on the Quality of the kitting of parts. The unit was connected to my laptop and worked as advertised. However, when I tried to access the setup screens, the documentation is non-exisitent. I also could not get the touch entry to work. You would think that the hefty price paid for this unit would provide better product information and insure that package contains the cables necessary to operate as advertised.

I have sent an inquiry to the company to see how they respond. If I don't get adequate support, I will return this unit.

I am very dissapointed.


Company responded on 2/3/2020 and provided an acceptable resolution to the problem. The documentation could be better and even a very detailed YouTube video could serve to provide a visual manual.

Debbie Williams (AMAZON)
Debbie Williams (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 14:23

Unreliable, display not very clear.

This device CONSTANTLY randomly disconnects and sometimes do not reconnect. In a single sitting, have to regularly power off, power on, unplug, plug back in. SO DAMN ANNOYING!!!!!!

Also, the touch screen has never worked, however you can CLEARLY see the "grid" on the screen, RUINS the clarity of the display!

The case doesn't stand up very well, the magnets doesn't seem to hold in the right places. ALSO VERY ANNOYING!

This would have 3-4 stars IF ONLY it stayed connected the whole time, and didn't flake out every FEW MINS!!

Alex G. (AMAZON)
Alex G. (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 14:22

Sleek, slim, light... Simply amazing Okay, I never write reviews for products, but the XtendTouch far exceeded my expectations in every way possible. The presentation of the packaging alone was that of elite-premium quality. The amount of cable accessories was way more than I expected and was a nice surprise. (Only gripe is that the USB-C cable and the stylus that were provided are a bit cheap. But as accessory items I am not blaming XtendTouch for that.) Alright, the screen is killer. The brightness, the color, the touch responsiveness could rival that of big brand touch screen products. Battery life? as advertised. I used it for about 7-ish hours doing a heavy work load at medium brightness. No complaints there. Although the recharge speed, with the provided USB-C outlet charger was a bit slower than I expected, it is tolerable. (You can't complain about the battery itself in a monitor this premium) The faux-leather portfolio cover is extremely nice, but I do recommend doing a couple practice folds to loosen it up a bit as it comes out of the box a bit rigid. This mobile monitor is honestly the best on the market, especially at this price. If i had to play "The price is right" with this device, I would have guessed this was a $600+ product. Honestly, I am kind of at a loss for words because this exceeded all of my expectations in every way.

In sum: If you're on the fence about this product... go for it. It's bangin'. Great screen, WITH A BATTERY (others on the market with a built in battery cost wayyy more), nice responsiveness, looks sexy AF. Simply amazing. My only gripes are with the free-accessories that you can easily get elsewhere, and that I wish tapping the power button would make the screen go into sleep mode.

Glenn Goodeaux (AMAZON)
Glenn Goodeaux (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 14:21

not bad.

This monitor was really nice I enjoyed using it and loved that it had the internal battery. I accidentally dropped it and it wasn't very high and broke. I was upset and wasn't sure what to do, I couldn't get a replacement so I had to purchase something different. You would think that having a travel monitor wouldn't break so easily and for that, I have to give it a low score and the fact that I could never get the touch part to work at all.

Roger (AMAZON)
Roger (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 14:19

Love this portable monitor

This is an absolutely incredible monitor. The build of the monitor is both durable and aesthetically beautiful. It works with multiple devices, I’ve used it on a laptop, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and an iPad Air with a lightning to usb c adapter. The responsiveness is flawless and touch works great. My only issue is that I wish the monitor was a bit brighter despite higher brightness using more power. If you are looking for a portable monitor you will not be disappointed purchasing the Pepper Jobs XtendTouch.

Jacob (AMZON)
Jacob (AMZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 14:07

May be one of the best.At 60% brightness it lasted a good three hours while gaming and charging my switch at the same time. At full brightness the expected battery time will decrease as expected. Compared to other portal monitors I've had this is the only one where I didn't have to lug a battery pack with me which felt great. Also while I wish the screen was brighter, it definetly has better colors and contrast compared to its competitors which makes the screen pop. All in all I think this may be the best battery powered mobile monitor on the market for now.

Juwan I. Hayward (AMAZON)
Juwan I. Hayward (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 14:06

Almost perfect.

First of all, great packing and product presentation. You definitely notice the quality, good English in the documentation, etc. So far have only connected my Note 10 and Samsung Dex which I am writing this review on right now. Will test battery life and other features later. Works great!

Only reason I am giving 4 stars is there is a small yet noticeable blemish on the screen bezel. It's not big enough to return but not small enough to ignore in this review either. Otherwise this looks like a top notch product.

D. Tom (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 14:05

Better than expected

so as seen in my pictures, the packaging is top notch!!

I was VERY impressed with the charger, because it is set up for travel/use outside the USA without anything extra( no you cannot go EVERYWHERE) but having two adapter options in the basic model is phenomenal. I am confused about the Stylus tip but it isn't a bad thing just extremely odd to me, the USB-c to C cable is amazing, the mini-HDMI to HDMI lacks in that area but it works, only getting one USB-C to C cable does mean you have to have something comparable to it to have it plugged into the wall AND into a device which is meh but not terrible. image and video look amazing coming off my Acer Predator Helios 300 with a GTX1660Ti in it, decent heft to it but still reasonably light if that makes any sense at all, edges of the frame are sleek and inviting and menu functionality is great, Works with my LG V30+ Thinq phone but sadly didn't work on the LG G8 i tested it with afterwards. I'll be putting it through more device interaction testing and giving it a good testing out over the next few weeks. but I definitely would recommend it so far( only had it for a few hours at this point but Wooo i love it and would give it at least 7 stars if tha twas an option

Frank (AMAZON)
Frank (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 14:03

Great portable monitor.

Aesthetically, it is a very appealing unit. I like the lines and the colors of the unit itself. I like the fact that it has a matte finish to the screen and not the glossiness of other monitors that mirror everything and attract fingerprints.

Physically, at 2 pounds it is a little heftier than other portable monitors, but considering it has a 10,800mAH battery it seems light. The unit feels very well made, solid. The buttons and toggles all have good travel and a good click when pressed.

The monitor has puts out great color, and at only 250nits I was pleasantly surprised. Prior to receiving mine, I began seeing similar products with 300nits and began to worry that it wouldn't be bright enough. Once I turned it on, that worry went away. It turns out to be bright enough to work with at 50-75% brightness, so there is room to spare. It's not like you can be in direct sunlight with it, but it is visible in shade on a sunny day.

The touchscreen requires semi-firm contact to register touch. What I mean is it doesn't register on the lightest of touches (like my Samsung Note 8 which can get frustrating), which I think is a good thing for a large touchscreen like this. Touch response is good with very little to no lag, operates well in conjunction with my Surface Pro 7.

Audio is not the loudest, but is adequate for listening in a room with low to no surrounding din. You could probably get by with watching a movie on a flight with no earphones (not that you would want to ;-).

The cover attaches magnetically to the back and when opened as a stand. The magnets are strong enough to hold it in place even while tapping on the screen. I have used others that would slip continually under normal use.

Charging is straight forward and pass-through power works as expected. The only issue I seem to have is that it will only charge from it's internal battery when the unit is on. So, if I wanted to charge my phone using the monitor internal battery (and not necessarily want to use the monitor), I still have to turn the montior on to start charging. I guess it never said it could be used as a portable charging device....

I have been getting around the stated battery life of 5 hours via usb-c. I was on a movie marathon and got 5hrs 13mins before I needed to plug it in. Oh and I was using earphones....

All in all, very happy with the unit! I would recommend it.

Amazon1 (AMAZON)
Amazon1 (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 14:02

I really just love the idea of being able to turn my phone into a mini laptop.

I really like this thing, I use it with DeX and my note 9. I realistically get about 3 hrs of use with the USB C connection. I bought a portable power bank to go with this for extra juice. I use this for school. This is a great DeX companion because I can keep everything in one place on my phone. This is not a 4k monitor and it does not try to be. But I had no problems running my PS4 remote play through my phone and then displaying it on the monitor. Other games like Fortnight worked great too. Good product overall. I really just love the idea of being able to turn my phone into a mini laptop. This screen really helps out with that! Good job guys!

Richard Garrison (AMAZON)
Richard Garrison (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 14:00

OK, but not great.

The audio is terrible. The volume is so low I can barely hear it. There's no headphone jack and no Bluetooth out either so you're stuck with the bad built in speakers. For some devices that's no big deal because they have headphone jacks, but if you connect to a Roku or other set top box you're likely out of luck.

The USB-C cable apparently doesn't support HDCP which means no YouTube and no Hulu when connected to Nintendo switch. That's a huge bummer.

The picture quality is acceptable but not great. Blacks aren't black and the color is just ok.

These flaws really hurt the device capability a lot. I was hoping to use this for entertainment in the back seat of my car and while staying in hotels. Unfortunately it only sort of works for that. A tablet is just a lot better for both picture and audio quality.

If you are looking for a second monitor for a laptop, that works pretty well, but keep in mind the picture quality is almost certainly a lot worse than your laptop display and that might be a huge distraction.

Jack Chu (AMAZON)
Jack Chu (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 13:59

Very handy portable monitor with built-in battery, USB-C & Mini-HDMI input

This XtendTouch XT1610F has built-in rechargeable battery and comes with mini-HDMI and USB-C connections. The screen is touch-screen and works when connected to supported OS/hardware through USB-C. The package also includes various accessories such as stylus, charger and cables.

I like that the screen offers vivid color and it's 1080P. Viewing angles are also fairly good and color stays vivid when viewing from off-angle. The USB-C connection works with my Nintendo Switch, Chromebook, and Windows laptop. It's very convenient to use as it's simply PNP (plug and play) without extra setup needed (Make sure monitor is turned ON first before connecting USB-C hardware). The built-in battery offers ~6 hours on HDMI and ~5 hours on USB-C connections with medium brightness.

nky (AMAZON)
nky (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 13:58

Great for undergrad/grad students

This monitor worked great with my Nintendo Switch and PS4 (although the graphics aren't that great on certain games like Pokemon Sword, BoTW, etc), but did not do so well with my Lenovo thinkpad and Acer chromebook. My Lenovo was not able to connect to the monitor at all, even when I tried all the different wires and settings on my laptop. My chromebook was able to connect but I wasn't able to use the touchscreen on the Xtendtouch, so that was utterly useless.

I'm still playing with the mechanics on my laptops, so hopefully I'll figure something out, but definitely make sure that you're laptop is compatible before spending that $300+.

The monitor is slightly heavy, the button controls are a bit frustrating as there isn't actually a "select" button, and the cover is pretty thin and cheap, but I do appreciate all the wires provided with the set.

Overall, 3/5 stars for me but it's really leaning towards 2/5 stars at the moment since this monitor is not being compatible with my current laptops.

**Update: I figured out how to fully connect my Chromebook and Thinkpad and, now, I am finally one extremely happy camper. The touchscreen option does not work for both of my laptops but I am still able to use the mouse/touchpad option on my laptops to move things between the two monitors. My Samsung phone is also able to connect and function easily.

There is little latency with all of my gadgets, the video and sound quality are great, the battery on the Xtendtouch can last for over 3+hrs (if brightness and other options are minimal), and I am just extremely happy that all of my gadgets were able to connect and function properly.

Overall, as a graduate student, I am extremely happy with this product and highly recommend it!

Adrian L. Murray (AMAZON)
Adrian L. Murray (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 13:53

Great design but my unit comes up short!!! UPDATE: 2 star bump up...

I was really excited about this device. It has the best packaging and design of any mobile monitor I have seen and it comes with all the cords needed to get going, including a stylus. I love the touch screen and battery features that set this monitor apart from nearly all others. Unfortunately, the 250nits of brightness and 800 contrast hinder its chances at competing to even the popular but cheaper Lepow models. I spent over an hour with the settings to get the picture just right, but I noticed that the units usb c port did not work with everything I would need it for (Samsung Plus V2 Chromebook).

I would have dealt with the display limitations if it weren't for the usb c issue, I am sending the unit back immediately.


Ken Wong, representative from Pepper Jobs, sent me an email requesting feedback on my desire to return the device. Apparently, that particular unit and my Chromebook did not get along which is an anomaly based on Pepper Jobs' testing. This should not be an issue with all units and hopefully further testing can produce answers. I am more than willing to try another product in the future.

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