PEPPER JOBS Monitor portatile XtendTouch XT1310F IPS da 13,6"

PepperJobs XtendTouch XT1310F USB-C Monitor
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  • Disponibilità: In magazzino (24)

XtendTouch XT1310F di PEPPER JOBS è un monitor portatile touchscreen a corrente continua DC. Può essere collegato direttamente a un computer portatile o smartphone dotato di porta Thunderbolt 3 o USB-C.

Dotato di display IPS full HD da 13,3 pollici e un touch screen capacitivo da 10 punti, XtendTouch XT1310F trasforma il tuo smartphone con porta USB-C in un'interfaccia desktop con schermo grande attraverso un unico cavo USB-C, oppure estende lo schermo del computer portatile a un touchscreen più ampio. (Se non sei certo delle capacità USB-C del tuo dispositivo, verifica l'elenco di modelli supportati)

Le due porte di ingresso USB-C supportano sia il segnale d'ingresso che la ricarica passthrough. Tu non devi fare altro che collegare un unico caricatore a XT1310F per caricare simultaneamente il dispositivo connesso (caricatore NON incluso). I contenuti multimediali sono completati da doppi altoparlanti per un'esperienza d'ascolto stereo surround ottimale. Quando è collegato tramite l'ingresso USB-C, la porta OTG funge anche da semplice hub USB, permettendoti di collegare un ricevitore wireless o una chiave USB. Puoi anche connettere la tua console di gioco preferita (come Nintendo Switch) attraverso un unico cavo USB-C con l'adattatore originale per goderti l'esperienza di gioco su uno schermo più grande.

Gli ingressi USB-C e mini HDMI offrono una compatibilità universale per la maggior parte dei dispositivi elettronici. XtendTouch è il monitor portatile versatile e di alta qualità che stavi cercando!

XtendTouch XT1310F di PEPPER JOBS  è un monitor portatile touchscreen a corrente continua DC.

(Attenzione: la porta USB-C deve essere una porta completa che supporta sia l'uscita video DP-Alt, sia un'uscita di almeno 5V/1,5A per alimentare il monitor).

XtendTouch XT1310F di PEPPER JOBS  è un monitor portatile touchscreen a corrente continua DC.

Pratico Touch OSD

Un'eccezionale Wide Vision



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Tim B.
Tim B. Postato su January 16, 2021 14:00

Great portable Battery Powered Screen

Very happy with this product, works perfectly as a 2nd screen for MacBook or windows, as well as a monitor for Dex, built-in speakers are decent and the build quality is great. This is the best touch screen portable monitor I've used and the customer service is great!

Chutney fux (AMAZON)
Chutney fux (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 16:49

Fantastic all rounder! Absolutely fantastic bit of kit.

The speakers are probably its biggest floor and the controls are a bit of a faff, could’ve done with 2 buttons plus the wee one on the left side.

Got this for a bunch of uses, on tour quite a lot so it’s really handy to link up to a MacBook for use with premier Pro and Logic, also runs off of the usb power from a PS4 which is handy for busses and trains. All round great bit of kit!

As far as improvements go, having an internal display switcher for 2 HDMI cables would be good with a physical button to switch between them that also changes control over the OTG port.

Would make merging a Mac and a Windows PC and absolute dream!

consumer0001 (AMAZON)
consumer0001 (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 16:48

Versatile touchscreen portable display


This 13" portable monitor has very good display quality with a menu where you can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, colour temperature, etc. While it is FHD resolution, the screen still looked sharp and colours were vibrant.


The port selection has USB-C for power, display input, and OTG for attaching a USB hub for ethernet, keyboard, mouse, and other accessories. This worked well with my MacBook, Samsung phone (including Dex), and the HDMI input worked with my Raspberry Pi.


It had a headphone jack to connect to external speakers. The inbuilt speakers are very good for a device of this size, but you need to remember that the audio controls only adjust the audio that is given to the screen. So you need to increase the volume on your phone as well as the volume on the display to reach loud volume levels.

Weight and portability

It's similar in weight to a tablet computer of similar size. The included case has grip and protection, but adds to the overall weight. You can always swap it for a lighter case though.


It's a very good portable monitor compatible with a variety of computers and devices. If you want a built in battery and a larger display then Pepper Jobs have a 16" version you can pre-order from their UK website, it's already on Amazon in the US.

yyxone (AMAZON)
yyxone (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 15:53

Great portble monitor for working and entertainning

This product is my new favorite working companion. I'm mainly using this to present information for my clients and coworkers. The device works nicely with my Samsung Note 9 and a 2018 Macbook pro. The touch screen function is not working with my iPhone, but other than that it works well with my iPhone too. Dex mode works smoothly with Note 9. It turns my cellphone into a laptop. Dex mode will only be activated when the monitor is charged with a charger. I'm planning to test if Dex mode can be activated with a power bank. The touch screen is very responsive and I could select relatively small objects very precisely with my fingers. Package comes with a usb-c cable and a usb-c to HDMI cable. This is really convenient if you have a Nintendo Switch.

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