PEPPER JOBS TCH-4 è un hub da USB-C 3.1 a USB 3.0 con porta di ricarica USB-C PD, lettori schede SD e TF e uscita HDMI, colore Space Grey

Pepper Job - TCH-4 space grey
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  • Numero dell'articolo::Pepper Job - TCH-4 space grey
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TCH-4 di PEPPER JOBS è un hub da USB-C 3.1 a USB 3.0 con porta di ricarica USB-C PD, lettori schede SD e TF e uscita HDMI. Le porte USB 3.0 consentono di collegare i dispositivi USB o un altro hub al dispositivo host, mentre i lettori di schede TF e SD permettono di accedere alla memoria esterna da un dispositivo host. La porta USB-C femmina permette di ricaricare il dispositivo host e allo stesso tempo fornisce alimentazione per l'hub, mentre la porta HDMI ti consente di collegarti a un monitor HDMI per guardare video o presentazioni su uno schermo più grande. Questo prodotto è stato creato per il nuovo MacBook, il nuovo MacBook Pro, il nuovo Chromebook Pixel di Google e altri dispositivi con ingressi USB-C.

Adattatore hub USB-C space grey TCH-4 di Pepper Jobs

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Madison (AMAZON)
Madison (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 16:59

Fantastic quality!!! A friend recommended this to me, absolutely a great purchase, fantastic quality, superb product packaging and everything works as expected. A+++ Seller A+++ Product, highly recommended!!!

S J B (AMAZON) Postato su July 13, 2020 16:58

Sleek, stylish, does the (pepper) job! I searched extensively prior to purchasing this and I have to say I love this multi-port adapter. The packaging is high end, and looks like that of something much more pricey. The product itself is made of the same aluminium material to the MacBook, so it's lightweight but feels solid and robust. The adaptor comes with a small velvet pouch so you can safely store it with your laptop without worrying about them scratching each other. I've only used the USB-C charging port (see picture) and HDMI ports so far but I'm already impressed. I watched Gone With the Wind (that's relevant because its nearly four hours long) and it was barely warm. Given how nicely this compliments my MacBook, the number/range of ports and how reliable it seems I think this product is great value and very competitively priced compared to similar gadgets.

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