PEPPER JOBS X68-i Digital Signage Players


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  • Artikelnummer::X68--i Digital Signage Player
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With our X68-i Rockchip RK3568 Android 11 Digital Signage player you can reach your customers and let them interact with your brand/product in a way that is proven to increase sales and brand awareness. PEPPER JOBS Digital  Signage Player X68-i on Android 11 is made of durable materials and built specifically for commercial use. They are designed to solve the problems encountered in commercial environments for which consumer devices are not designed. There is video out on the 2 HDMI ports and it has RS232 port. Has a power ON/OFF app so you can turn the player on and off in time. You can also rotate the screen in portrait and landscape.

More info will follow. If you want to ask us questions please send me a e-mail [email protected]


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