PEPPER JOBS W10 / W11 GYRO QWERTY Slimme afstandsbediening

Pepper Jobs - W10 GYRO Remote
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W10 GYRO is 's werelds 1e en enige 6-assige gyro luchtmuis die speciaal is ontwikkeld voor het Windows 10-systeem.

PEPPER JOBS W10 GYRO herdefinieert de manier waarop jij je Win10 HTPC bedient.
W10 GYRO is 's werelds 1e en enige 6-assige gyro luchtmuis die speciaal is ontwikkeld voor het Windows 10-systeem.
Alle sneltoetsen zijn volledig geoptimaliseerd voor Windows 10. Dankzij 2,4GHz draadloze technologie met een USB-receiver kan de W10 GYRO bediend worden zonder dat je handmatig stuurprogramma's hoeft te installeren. Steek simpelweg de meegeleverde USB-ontvanger in je Windows 10 pc en je kunt meteen aan de slag met de geweldige bedieningservaring vanuit je luie stoel. 
W10 GYRO is uitgerust met led-backlight, dus je hoeft je geen zorgen te maken dat je de knoppen niet kunt zien in het donker. Het bereik van de W10 GYRO is tot 10 meter van je computer.
Daarnaast beschikt de W10 GYRO over tv-afstandsbediening leermogelijkheden aan de voorkant, zodat hij tot wel 34 knoppen van je gewone tv-afstandsbediening kan aanleren!
W10 GYRO is 's werelds 1e en enige 6-assige gyro luchtmuis die speciaal is ontwikkeld voor het Windows 10-systeem.

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Johannes Geplaatst op March 21, 2022 10:27

Super nice clicky buttons. Works great on my Linux htpc. Lots of unnecessary buttons you can bind things to. E.g. I use the bottom keys to control my lights.

Just wish the arrow keys would be scroll instead when in mouse-mode.

And who needs a caps lock? It should be a left shift. Guess I can rebind it but still.

Would be nice if some keys would always send IR like power and volume but I guess it makes sense to also just switch the whole remote between tv and computer mode. More customization is always nice.

Jeroen Geplaatst op June 1, 2021 09:43

Hij is klein en ziet er goed uit. Het is 100% functioneel en zonder verdere installatie stuurt het mijn Samsung TV en htpc aan. Erg cool en handig is de wisselwerking tussen muis en toetsenbord. Gewoon omdraaien. Later op de avond ook goed te gebruiken door de stijlvolle backlight-toetsen! En dan toch vier sterren? Tja, ik zou het nog beter hebben gevonden als ik nog een derde apparaat (audio) ermee besturen kan. Wellicht voor een volgende versie?

R. Scott
R. Scott Geplaatst op July 13, 2020 16:40

Perfect remote and customer service

When I received this remote I plugged the USB receiver into my Windows 10 HTPC..... and nothing happened. I tried pairing the remote to the receiver, but my PC didn't recognize it being plugged in. I tried every port and even a different PC, nothing. That didn't seem right!

I thought about returning it to Amazon for a replacement, but instead I emailed Pepper Jobs customer service directly and asked to be sent a new USB receiver, since the remote itself seemed to be responding fine. I got a response within hours from Ken, who told me they would send me a new remote and receiver with the latest firmware.

I received the new remote just 2 days later, and it works perfectly - Windows recognized the receiver as soon as I plugged it in. The remote itself is awesome and is perfect for my setup, which is a living room Windows 10 HTPC (mostly used for Plex viewing).

In short, I got a dud USB receiver but Pepper Jobs came to my rescue, swiftly sending me a whole new remote and receiver. I am a happy customer!

Allen B.
Allen B. Geplaatst op July 13, 2020 16:34

Battery vampire.

I have used a ton of wireless computer peripherals, and none of them suck batteries dry faster than this thing. It's killed 2 pairs of batteries in just over a month. Most of the keyboards, and mice, and stuff last over a year on a single pair, and this thing can't last a month. It makes no sense, and it takes away any value from this being a low priced, good working product. As much as I like it, I'm going to have to put it away in the junk drawer. If it wasn't for this glaring weakness, I would easily rate it 4 or maybe even 5 stars. Unfortunately I can't recommend it, unless you have some great rechargeable batteries.

Eugenio Guarente
Eugenio Guarente Geplaatst op July 13, 2020 16:33

Well made, 100% compatible with Windows 10

Mahdi (AMAZON)
Mahdi (AMAZON) Geplaatst op July 13, 2020 16:31

Compact and easy to use I love this little controller. It works great and it is compact. The instructions are clear and setting it up is straight forward. I basically retired my large keyboard and replaced it with this little one. The gyro mouse function does not work well sometimes until you recalibrate it which is very easy to do. It is definitely worth the money.

Jonathan Malavet
Jonathan Malavet Geplaatst op July 13, 2020 16:30

Overall a great buy This is probably one of the best add ons i have purchased for my pc i also can use it for my phone when its connected to my tv its very accurate and i have actually had a few friends purchase it because they were impressed with the quality and functions of having a controller work fully with my pc

Tech Guy
Tech Guy Geplaatst op July 13, 2020 16:29

Lazy Person's Gadget It works. Sometimes a little tricky connecting at computer's first startup. Ideal gadget for the last computer geek. Wished I'd known about this sometime ago.....

Terrance (AMAON)
Terrance (AMAON) Geplaatst op July 13, 2020 16:28

Pretty happy with this one Does exactly what you see in the videos. Has been a welcome addition to the dinner plate one-handed video couch.

Joseph Barra (AMAZON)
Joseph Barra (AMAZON) Geplaatst op July 13, 2020 16:26

Anybody that uses a computer from a distance should have one of these

It works super well. The keyboard is kind of weird to type on, so I would recommend a separate bluetooth keyboard, but it works, and it works well.

Wes T. (AMAZON) Geplaatst op July 13, 2020 16:24

Using the device as we speak! (read)

Not amazing for productivity, besides presentations and such, however its amazing for couch surfing. My back hurts from using my desk pc, and this lil guy on my media pc is such a dope combo. The TV volume control is unexpected and handy as well. Could it be better? Sure. A trackpad on the back would have been nice. But for what it is, for $25 its worth it id say.

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