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  • Marque:PEPPER JOBS
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  • Numéro de l'article:GLK-UC2X v2
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GLK-UC2X V2 is the new mini PC from Pepper Jobs.

GLK-UC2X V2 is the updated version of the GLK-UC2X mini PC by Pepper Jobs. Powered by the low-power N4120 Intel quad-core processors, GLK-UC2X V2 comes with the latest generation of hardware video decoder and is able to decode 4K VP9 and H.265 contents. Featuring a full-featured USB-C port, Gigabit Ethernet, fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity and a silent heatpipe cooling system, GLK-UC2X V2 ensures that it delivers the maximum performance out of the Gemini Lake processor - without zero performance loss. GLK-UC2X V2 supports up to three 4K 60Hz display outputs simultaneously, which makes it a perfect solution for a low-power UHD media center or office computer.

GLK-UC2X V2 is the new mini PC from Pepper Jobs.

Powerful processor Gemini Lake


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