PEPPER JOBS GLK-UC2X Mini PC 4GB/64GB/ DIY Upgrade Windows 10 Pro

Pepper Jobs GLK-UC2X mini pc
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GLK-UC2X ist der neue Mini-PC von Pepper Jobs.

PEPPER JOBS GLK-UC2X ist der neue Mini-PC von Pepper Jobs. Der GLK-UC2X ist mit der neuesten Generation von Intel Quad-Core-Prozessoren ausgestattet, verfügt über die neueste Generation von Hardware-Video-Dekodierern und ist in der Lage, 4K VP9- und H.265-Inhalte zu dekodieren. Mit zwei USB-C-Anschlüssen, Gigabit-Ethernet, schnellem 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth-Konnektivität und einem leisen Heatpipe-Kühlsystem stellt der GLK-UC2X sicher, dass er die maximale Leistung des Gemini Lake-Prozessors liefert - ohne Leistungsverlust. GLK-UC2X unterstützt bis zu drei 4K-60Hz-Displays gleichzeitig, was es zu einer perfekten Lösung für ein UHD-Media Center oder einen Bürocomputer mit niedrigem Stromverbrauch macht.

GLK-UC2X ist der neue Mini-PC von Pepper Jobs.

Leistungsstarker Prozessor Gemini Lake

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Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:36

Amazon: Amazing technical support! A Christmas present for my mum. She had connection issues but with the excellent technical support its working fine and she is loving it... Really appreciate the after sales support

Rtech Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:35

Amazon: Great minimalist mini PC with lots of ports and expandability. The Pepper Jobs mini PC is packed with features including the ability to run three 4K 60 monitors at once. I tested it with two monitors with different resolutions and it worked perfectly.

This mini PC has got lots of ports and even the ability to upgrade the SSD and DRAM. I actually installed a 500GB SSD in mine and it runs lightning fast. M.2 SATA drives are extremely cheap right now too. Actually it can take m.2 NVMe drives also but SATA drivers are cheaper and fast enough.

This media player has a good heat sync and fan to so it can run without thermal throttling. It’s basically silent. You can feel just a little warm air if you put your hand over the right side.

Overall I’m very happy with the Pepper Jobs mini PC. It's a great small form factor minimalist PC.

kin137 Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:34

Amazon: Great Product, Great media center, Great computer... Hands down the best device for using Slingbox; I'm running a slingbox m2; seamless virtually no hiccups; as compared to my fire tv. The reason I bought this device was because of the upgrade-ability, you can upgrade the ssd and the ram! I have yet to upgrade it yet, but I will do so in the near future. The same size as a Mac mini; but more upgrade-able; and has a better cooling system. Tech support is outstanding, and they get back to you a timely matter. I was impressed with the speed of the computer; and the size. Overall really happy. I'll give an update later...

TJ Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:33

Amazon: Good compact mini pc This mini pc works very well. It was easy to set up and hardly took 15 minutes. I attached it to my tv using hdmi cable without any issues. The processing speed is pretty descent. I installed a few important IR necessary applications which did not slow down the speed of the processor. Wireless mouse and keyword works great. I consider this a very good buy which is portable, hence you can carry your computer anywhere. It has all the necessary ports needed for daily use.

Bill Bennett
Bill Bennett Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:32

amazon: Where's the 3rd monitor hookup?Bought 2 of these, added 1TB drive, and all the RAM it would take.

One monitor runs off of a USB port, the second is like any other monitor, but running a 3rd - nope!

Was expecting more processing speed, maybe I missed something, because neither machine is delivering, even with the extra RAM & SSD drive. These were to replace aging 2.4Ghz, 64bit machines running WIN8, that I use for graphic design on a crowded work area.

I really like the fact it runs off of 12VDC, and that's why I have as my primary monitor one that runs directly off the computer's USB port, because we have frequent power outages, this runs off a 12vdc battery bank. No matter what happens with Commercial Power, I can keep working. Just a little disappointed an unlocked machine running WIN10 hasn't been an improvement over a WIN8.0 machine.

an IT guy
an IT guy Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:31

Amazon: updated: attentive response from manufacturer (was: died after a few weeks of use) Bought this and a similar model by Minix. The Pepper quit working after a few weeks of use; won't power up. Bought several more Minix units; they're doing fine so far. Returning the Pepper.

Update (6/10/2019): I appreciate the positive personal response from the manufacturer. Upgrading from 1 star to 4 in consideration. I'm sticking with Minix for now due to pricing and quantity availability, but may consider Pepper again in the future.

alan M
alan M Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:30

Amazon: I am delighted with this PC Tech support:

First I must say that tech support is Top Notch. I had questions before I bought the GLK-UC2X and after. On all occasions my questions were answered within 1 day. And I liked the way he replied by quoting each question and provided the reply immediately below it.

What I wanted:

I am not a gamer so gaming capability was not a concern for me. I wanted a small form factor PC to replace my current HTPC (my 29LB Mid tower behemoth). I built my behemoth in the 2007-2009 era. It is an Intel quad core on a high end MB wth optical and coaxial audio ouputs, and I put TV tuners and software in it to record TV shows and movies for a media library. I was capturing 1080i over the air with multi-channel audio and it has been serving me well all these years.

The issue is we are now retired and do a lot of RVing. So I am constantly having to move that behemoth back and forth between our home and the RV.

So for about 5 years I have been occasionally looking for a solution.

I was concerned:

I never thought I could do what I do with a celeron chip. I thought I would need an I5 because I do a lot of spreadsheet creation and executions as well. While reviewing the current array of mini PC's I discovered the Pepper Jobs GLK-UC2X. I was wanting a fanless design because I was constantly having to take my behemoth outside and blow it out; but one of the reviews on the GLK-UC2X explained that the pc's without a fan will throttle the chip's speed down to keep it from overheating. In MY opinion, if the PC has to be slowed down then it can't do the job. So the GLK-UC2X has a different approach and brings a fan into play to keep it cool while IT IS doing the job. That makes sense to me so I took a chance. And I thought getting a PC complete with memory, an operating system and upgradability for $265 was a pretty good deal.

I am delighted:

I am very happy with the performance of this PC and it is doing everything I am asking it to do.

I did not make any changes to the bios, and I did not add an internal drive. I added a 4GB stick of memory to increase it to 8GB for multitasking; plugged in a USB keyboard with mouse pad; and plugged in a USB 4TB portable drive for storage.

Here is what it is doing for me:

(FYI) I no longer need to have internal TV tuners because last year I bought a unit that has 4 TV tuners and connects directly to my router with an ethernet cable. So i don't need them in my PC. I can access them over Wi-Fi.

My ISP provides me with about 50 Mbits/sec and when I do speedtests I get just about all of that with the GLK-UC2X.

With the GLK-UC2X I have been able to load my recording software (as well as several other programs) and record 4 TV stations simultaneously over Wi-Fi. After each TV show is recorded, my software converts them to a different format to save disk storage space. The GLK-UC2X is doing that as well as recording more shows at the same time, and this is when the fan starts coming into play to keep the chip cool. It gradually revs up and moderates its speed as needed and I don't think it has needed to reach its full speed. I can hear the fan(it's about 4 feet away), but it's not very loud and not at all annoying. I have also done video editing with the the GLK-UC2X and the rendering to a new file was done in a very reasonable amount of time. The GLK-UC2X came with Kodi pre loaded. I was usng Kodi in my behemoth as a server, So I am using it in the GLK-UC2X as well.

I have only had the GLK-UC2X for 12 days now and it is performing every task I have given it without a flaw at all. So I can be recording 4 TV shows{which is working in the background), surf the net, watch youtube videos, watch Hulu or Netflix in a web browser, do spreadsheet work, provide media serving to my wife's firestick all at the same time without experiencing any noticable slowness or inadequacies. Also, the GLK-UC2X uses only 6 to 20 watts of power including the power needed for the USB drive; while my behemouth required 147-240 watts and blows about 115 degrees of heat from the power supply. The GLK-UC2X barely gets warm to the touch. And it is way more suitable to be driven off the inverter in my RV.

In general the GLK-UC2X is very responsive, no hesitations. When I watch recordings with VLC player I can fast forward at various speeds with smooth liquid viewing, and with audio up to a certain speed and then becomes silent.

A1 Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:29

Amazon: Never worked correctlyTurned off by itself ,then screen kept flickering and would not come on. Eventually I will get it to come back on and reinstalled windows but you can not reinstall windows the way it was sent to me. Will not play 4k on you tube.

Mesterwitz Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:28

Amazon: Great computer for the price and excellent shipping I fired up the Mini PC two weeks ago and immediately realized I wanted more RAM and hard drive space. The 8 GB RAM card ($40.99 on Amazon) and 240 GB SSD ($32.85 on Amazon) installed easily in the extra slot for each and are working great. I also need more USB ports for thumb drives, external hard drive, and DVD R/W unit so add a Powered USB Hub for $21.99. I now have the computer and setup I want for under $350. The PC runs very quiet and cool, great video output with Netflix and You tube, and I'm very happy with it so far.

October 16 Update:

Two months later and still very happy with this computer except for one annoying feature which I fixed. My den is very quiet and a few weeks ago I noticed a slight grumbling noise from the fan. I found a disassembly video on YouTube, removed the fan assembly, and pulled out the fan from its base (it just pulls out, nothing to loosen). With my magnifier I noticed a small raised burr on the plastic base the fan rode on and smoothed it with a small fingernail file. I added a drop of light oil to the hole the fan goes into and put it all back together and haven't heard any noise since. I even put my ear to the computer and could barely hear the fan. My den is now quiet again:) Then I worried maybe it wasn't working like it should so I installed Core Temp and configured it to show the core temperatures and cpu load in my Taskbar. The temperature, load, and frequencies are very acceptable. I experimented with setting the TDP Unlocker to12 and, although the cpu ran warmer I didn't notice any performance improvement so I reset it back to 10. Right now I'm running 2 You Tube videos and the clock speed jumped up to 2.3, the temperature is 60C, and load at 26%. By the way, when I had the unit apart I was in awe and impressed at the excellent cpu cooling setup. These guys really know what they're doing and, looking at the cost of the cpu, parts, construction, and marketing, they have an excellent product at great value.

March 15, 2920 update

Fan got a little noisy again so I took it out to give it a tiny drop of teflon libricant and it is absolutely quiet now. The computer is still working great.

Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:27

Amazon: I like it. does exactly what it is supposed to do. Thank you!

recevans Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:27

Amazon: Paying a little extra gets you a lot more. I'm ecstatic about this product, I tried another cheaper model with similar memory and drive specs, I'd say the Pepper Jobs is at least 10 times faster. I bought it to monitor my solar panel setup but it's running so fast, I've also put my quickbooks on it which is allowing me to shut down a computer that's using 60 watts of power. So far I've only seen the Pepper Jobs jump up to 11 watts and that was momentary during Windows 1903 update. This computer is upgradable to 64gb of Ram and up to 2tb ssd drive. Windows can be moved to a larger drive, Pepper Jobs has a website with Bios and Drivers available, There's also an active forum where you can get amazon links to memory and ssd drives that have been tested to work in this computer. All of which was just not in place with the cheaper model I original purchased. When I'm done I'm going to end up with a mini pc with 16gb of ram and 500gb ssd that's screaming fast and pulling less than 15w of power. Yay!

Tim Kesner
Tim Kesner Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:26

Amazon: Light, fast, good quality I've been looking for a good device to connect it to my 4K TV long time because it is so inconvenient to plug my laptop to the TV every time when I want to project something on TV. I've tried the Roku mirror program doesn't work well. The mini PC is a good solution! I am very happy about this mini PC. I am now able to browse website, watch video, or do some simple work in Office easily on my 65" TV which comforts my eye pain a lot. Also, I use this PC as BT download machine which works much better than my previous one built by Raspberry Pi. Alter all, it is a real PC. The box comes with three different plugs, one HDMI cable, and the mini PC itself. The OS installation is very straight forward. In general, it is a good product!

Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:25

Amazon: A good alternative to a large bulky pc! Very pleased. Works and performances is outstanding. I bought a 2nd and use it to stream, watch my prerecorded library and online streams. Expandable and works well. The only thing I dont like of it is windows 10. Other than that, very nice unit and you'll be pleased as I am..

Karen Y Moulder
Karen Y Moulder Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:24

Amazon: Fast, Small, Light weight We upgraded it to 16GB and 500GB SSD and it was very easy. So far it seems to be running fast. It is a lot smaller and lighter than I thought, but that is a plus. I will be taking it to the office on 11/22 for staff to start using, so I'll update on how the 8-10hr day use turns out.

S.E. Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:23

Amazon: Excellent price for an upgradable pc I'm so glad I bought this. I purchased this to replace my 7 year old laptop. I occasionally work from home & when I do I need a computer that can handle having 5 or more programs open at the same time. I bought this model due to the fact it's upgradable & comes with Windows 10 Pro. After buying this I purchased 8gb ram & 500gb ssd drive. Both ram & ssd drive were very easy to upgrade and the company has excellent tech support if you have any problems. I have dual monitors hooked up (one hdmi & the other vga with usb-c adapter). I've also added wireless mouse, wired keyboard, speakers, & an adapter that adds additional usb ports. Hands down fastest computer I've ever owned.

Tai Nguyen
Tai Nguyen Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:22

Amazon: This best product that pepper job made .Great product as is it describe !

Micheal Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:21

Amazon: Very Smooth and very low power consumption!Just buy a gift for myself!

Very tiny but powerful and with TPM2.0 also Win10 Pro License.

On the other hand, using power meter to check the power consumption, please check the photos, it's very smooth!!

Also remark the CPU fan, actually I can't hear any noise from that.

Ed B.
Ed B. Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:20

Amazon: Extremely capable HTPC Purchased in combination with the Pepperjobs W10 GYRO remote controller, and an additional 4GB of RAM. I've been using it as an HTPC for 6 months now and It has performed flawlessly. It is both silent and fast for this purpose. I am extremely pleased with this little dynamo.

K Gillman
K Gillman Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:19

Amazon: BEST product of its type on all of Amazon! Great company. Fantastic support and user/owner forum - responsive. Superior product in every way; Build quality, components, design, fit-and-finish. Impeccable.

Thank you Pepper Jobs!

Bryan Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:18

Amazon: 1 week after return window closed Internal fan started to make a lot of noise, very in impressed with quality of this machine

Update: They sent out a new fan to replace the broken one, which is good but it should not have needed this after 5 weeks

W. Marshman
W. Marshman Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:17

Amazon: Works great Fantastic little machine. I bought it to stream video to my HD TV. We had it hooked up to a laptop and the sound was always ahead of the video. This mini computer not only solved that problem, the video is sharper, too.

Nevada WoodchuckTop Contributor: Woodworking
Nevada WoodchuckTop Contributor: Woodworking Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:16

Amazon:One awesome little computer I mainly use this for CAD, and it handles all my programs excellently. I did increase the memory to 16 gigs and added another solid state drive, just because I could. Don't let the size fool you, this is one fast little machine. It has ports for just about anything, and just because it doesn't have a cd/dvd drive, well, who needs one with usb thumb drives? I did add a six port usb hub, and it handles everything plugged into it without any problems. That includes a wireless dongle for keyboard and mouse, two external dual drive storage units, speaker system, a 3D printer CAD controlled, two micro sd card adapters, and one usb to usb c adapter for charging miscellaneous items. There are still some ports that I haven't used, and being wireless, there's one less cable needed. I like this tiny computer so much that I'm seriously considering replacing my space-hog desktop with one. With a boot time of under 15 seconds it's just as fast starting up, it handles all my design programs, runs Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, surfs the net with no problems, and if I ever need a cd/dvd drive, there are inexpensive external units out there. Would I buy it again? In a heart beat!

Bob C.
Bob C. Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:15

Amazon: Well madeEverything you need for a traveling pc

Been Hacked
Been Hacked Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:14

Amazon: Like a gift from a Japanese admirer. The package was exquisite. The produce is worthy of the package. Even my Hanns G monitor is happy. The 8G memory upgrade is happy. The only challenge was removing the cover for the upgrade. Use a toothpick in the empty screw hole to lift the prefectly fitting cover. Forty plus years of buying and building machines, this one is first class. Waiting for the 1TB SSD with much joyful anticipation......

I like it.....

James Reyna
James Reyna Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:13

Amazon: Great low budget portable system The reason I got this is so that I can run a Windows system from a DC power source, namely a battery pack. The little station is a great asset to my company and I will use this while I am on the road as it is more useful to me than a laptop due to the peripheral support it provides. I have upgraded the memory to 8GB and installed a 1/2TB SSD drive which makes it plenty capable of what I need it to do. It is not super powerful but I am not using this for gaming or high end production, it is being used for administrative office work, so it performs great for that function.

Eric Gee
Eric Gee Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:12

Amazon: Hard drive failed in 3 months. Hard drive failed after three months. My IT pro confirmed. So I’m out the money for the pc and the tech support. Based on the cost to repair the unit was scrapped.

Bill in CT
Bill in CT Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:11

Amazon: Telescope mounted computerI mounted the GLK-UC2X on my telescope to control the camera, mount and auto-guiding. It performed very well during and after the astrophotography sessions in very cold temperatures.

The GLK-UC2X is connected to my main computer via WiFi network. Using Remote Desktop, I control BackyardEOS for my camera, Stellarium for my Celestron AVX telescope mount, and PHD2 for the ZWO ASI120 mini guide camera (and AVX mount). The computer performed as specified in 9 degree F, 16 degree, and 27 degree ambient temps with only a bubble wrapping to protect it from moisture. The GLK-UC2X draws power from a ROCKPALS 300W Lithium Portable Power Station from 8 W (standby) to 13 W (active).

The computer was easy to set up and update, although that was a lengthy process typical of almost all Windows machines. I added a 250 GB SSD easily. It is lightweight and quiet, generating no detectable vibration or noise. In operation, the processor maxes out to 100% when I actively use the planetarium software, but about 40%-70% when I minimize it (Stellarium). I've connected an external WiFi adapter to allow for additional connection range. In a pinch, I can always run an Ethernet cable between the GLK-UC2X and my base machine or network.

Scipio Smalls
Scipio Smalls Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:10

Amazon: Awesome Mini Computer I sold my other desktop once I started using the GLK-UC2X. I work from home. It takes up very little space on my desk. It boots up almost as fast as my Chromebook. I use 2 32" monitors. It accommodates up to 3 monitors. Awesome device. My only issue was the lack of storage and memory. 64GB HDD and 4MB RAM. But I have expanded both 500GB HD and 8MB RAM. Upgrade pricing was very reasonable. Installing the additional HDD and RAM was very simple. 5 STARS.

Nik K.
Nik K. Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:09

Amazon: Great MediaCenter PC Makes an awesome little media center PC. Its quite and has no problems playing h264 hi10p or 4k h265 videos.

I wish they offered a version without a windows license for a cheaper price. I plan to buy a 2nd one for the living room.

Nicole Davis
Nicole Davis Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:08

Amazon: Nice little computer and about the same price as just buying Windows 10 Pro... Kinda pissed right now. I bought this to update to Windows 10 and get something more compact and with less power consumption than a tower. so, first...bought a 500gb ssd since it only came with a 50, which is just enough to run windows. also added some ram since that was also pretty much useless. Finally bought a refurbed mini tower and put this aside for a while. Got it going as a media server recently and it had some windows updates. Got those going and lost video. After a couple of hours had to reboot. windows crashed. had problems n bios reconfiguring the newer drive as the same drive letter as the old, so only the old showed up. Finally fixed that and did a Windows recovery. Needed to do another round of updates video via hdmi again. spent a whole day on this already. My tower I built 12 years ago still works great, but is on Windows 7, but still works better.

I needed something to replace my desktop since Windows 7 is no more. I usually build my own, but I just needed something quick and simple, so I had this little guy sent to me. It's a nice little computer. Very fast and I liked that you could do multiple displays. It came with a HDMI cable, but I wish it had a display port instead. I have tons of HDMI cables, but had to order a display port, and I bought a USB C cable to potentially do a third display. I also maxed out the SSD drive with just a couple of programs.

The more I look, I should have bought a refurbed HP on Amazon for around $150 for my biz computer with Windows 10 with a 500 gig hard drive. If I want to upgrade this one I need to now spend another $100 on it which brings it to $325 vs $225, which was already a little high for the micro pc's I've been looking at.

Still a nice little computer and I AM going to keep it and re-purpose it for recording music or as a media server that I can take with me.

I could see this as being perfect for having behind a TV or as a digital signage server or a menu board for a restaurant. I want to see how well it works with Plex Media Server.

I did have one issue where it came up from sleep mode to a blank screen on the primary monitor and couldn't get the settings up. It was the monitor on the display port. Rebooting and power cycling the monitors din not work. I was finally able to get it back by switching the monitor with a display port to hdmi and vice versa...wasn't a huge deal for me, but some wouldn't think of that and get frustrated.

Steven W Gregory
Steven W Gregory Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:06

Amazon: Best mini PC hands down. I bought this to replace the windows 7 machine that is no longer supported. I will be buying another one for my garage. No problems it just works.

R Carlson MD
R Carlson MD Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:05

Amazon: Good performance and very low power consumption. I've had the Pepper Jobs GLK-UC2X for a couple of weeks, and all working great.

I upgraded the memory to 8gb by adding another 4gb ddr4 card for $20. Also added a 1 TB SSD card internally which is quite snappy, even though not NVME.

Easy to set up and upgrade. Good performance and low power consumption, typically about 5 watts.

Works great as a PLEX server and desktop computer. Not a gaming machine, but great for multimedia and home theater. Supports 4K at 60hz resolution, hardware transcoding, etc., nicely.

Has a fan, but it's whisper quiet.

The only thing I could ask would be that it supported true NVME instead of just the SATA SSDs. An NVME will fit in the slot, but will be limited by the SATA controller.

Have not tried or needed Tech Support, so can't comment.

Overall, excellent value.

-- R Carlson MD

bluebox Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:04

Amazon: Simple Great value as a simple media pc to augment a smart TV. Just add memory & storage

David Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:03

Amazon: Exactly what I hoped for - Streaming Dream with Windows Flexibility This little device is outstanding. I purchased it to attach to my Ethernet hookup in the basement with 2 primary functions in mind: 1. Stream video without any DRM HDCP issues for content I own ---attached to an old projector (Unlike Chromebox disaster) and 2. Stream games (Stadia, Xbox, Steam, PS Remote Play which sucks and never works on anything). It's perfect on all accounts (well, except for PS4 remote play which still sucks and not this device's fault). It's also competent enough to double as a reliable second PC for kid's homework later down the line. I was impressed with this company on small details. For example, on the back of the box they made effort to call out that AUDIO is not optimized for the USB C display connection. This saves someone a whole lot of troubleshooting. It would be nice if the Intel display utility was installed by default. Likely folks will use this via HDMI to a TV for media purposes and get a bit of overscan issue as I did. Thankfully, the Intel controls allow you to customize the aspect ratio and perfect screen cropping. This again was fantastic for a projector scenario where the focal distance may need tweaking and you can nail it via software. Just a quick streaming tip: Windows will recognize an attached 3D display and kick that into 3D mode -- and still display the 2D feed. This causes a stuttering issue when streaming Stadia or Xbox. Just turn the 3D mode of your display to OFF (well, unless you are watching a 3D signal). This will make the 2D streaming smooth as butter with an ethernet to ethernet connection. It has enough graphical muscle for lightweight gaming. This overall is really a quality product and I hope this company continues to make more models further down the road. I ordered and I'm installing a 4mb card, but I have to say out of the box it already serves my purposes.

Dr Clam
Dr Clam Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:02

Amazon: Solid Product & Responsive Support Using the GLK-UC2x to stream programing to an outdoor television over wifi. Works flawlessly solid video no pixilation and top quality audio. Had a problem registering Windows OS. Tech support responded to an email within a couple of hours and the problem was quickly resolved.

Brent Westmoreland
Brent Westmoreland Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:02

Amazon: Fantastic mini pc and great customer service! This is a GREAT mini-pc! I was shocked at how smooth the video in HULU live TV is. It matches any laptop and desktop that I have for streaming. The ONLY reason I am going to upgrade to a M.2 SSD and 8gb of ram is I am literally going to replace an old HP zd8215 laptop motherboard with this mini and utilize the old antiquated laptop as a bedroom TV with the convenience of having a PC too.

Mine came to me without a Windows 10 Product Key Code by accident, I'm sure. One quick email and "Boom", these guys were on it.

The "Customer Service" is truly there to support their product. Immediate email responses and super fast solving of my small issue with no exhorbitant wait time. They back their product up.

I highly recommend!

RA Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:01

Amazon: The only mini pc with easy HDD and RAM changeouts, future proof.The overclocking is great and you can always add more memory if you so need. I overlooked this unit while going nuts on all the specs of everything besides this. Take a little step back with the processor and the goofy name to get nice versatility. It is amazing what you can get in such a package. It also starts up like lightning and handles all browsing smoothly

Jonny Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 14:00

Amazon: Fast little bugger Such an awesome little machine. Had it for over 6 months now and it runs like a dream. I don't play any PC games, but it handles everything I've thrown at it with ease.

Mike K.
Mike K. Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 13:59

Amazon: Great and One-of-a-Kind Mini PC I absolutely love this product and am very pleased with my purchase. I've been unable to find another mini PC with the same capabilities and outputs as this one. The ability to power via USB-C with data and provide an additional USB-C port in addition to 2 USB-A 3.1 ports with triple monitor support is incredible. I upgraded mine with another 8gb of memory and 1tb of storage, and it fits my needs perfectly. It's a bit more expensive than other mini PCs, but you see the cost in these capabilities. I had an issue with my Windows license key at first, but Tech Support was very helpful. My only complaint is that the Mini-DisplayPort seems a little outdated, seems like that should be another HDMI or Displayport.

hwca Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 13:58

Amazon: Great for my needs.My use is email, streaming, and Word and Excel. I wanted small size and good performance. Meets all my needs, better than anything else that I could find in it's price range. I replaced a Miniforum N42 mini pc, which died on me after 1 1/2 years. The Peppers mini clearly performs much better. And I did not upgrade memory yet. Only wish is for more USB ports. I've had this mini for about 6 months. Hopefully it will have a long life.

Lance H
Lance H Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 13:57

Amazon: Great Customer Service! I purchased this item on in May 2019 and by May 2020 the cooling fan is making a loud grinding noise. So loud that is can be heard clearly over the sound of the TV. Prior to this physical failure of the fan I was happy with the product.

Overall a decent product but if it only lasts a year not worth the investment.

Edit: Pepper Jobs reached out to me right away based on a support ticket for this issue and provided helpful advice that seems to have solved my fam problem. Thanks for all your help!

Edit 2: Pepper Jobs has continued to provide excellent service and has offered to replace my fan. Thanks again to Ken for reaching out and being so helpful.

Final edit: The new fan arrived as promised and seems to have fixed my issue. Thanks again to Ken for his support.

As I said this has been a great product and hopefully it will continue to serve me well.

Bravo1 Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 13:56

Amazon: UPDATE and CORRECTION - Windows Activation and "Support" Non-Existant - PLEASE READ

I wrote this negative review, and I now want to update and correct it.

The basic issues I stated DID occur (Windows activation, and Forum access), but there's more to it...

It turns out that a separate card was omitted from the shipping box that explained how to contact the company with any issue or problem needing Service or Support. Once I finally found the proper method (email address or LIve Chat), BOTH issues were handled and corrected professionally and immediately! I dealt with a person (David) via Chat, who could have been a Support Rep or the CEO - he is that good! In my initial review, I said their Support is "non-existant". I wish now that I had NOT written that, because it was WRONG. Pepper Jobs Support very much EXISTS, and deserves FIVE stars. They most certainly do NOT deserve the remarks I previously gave them, for which I sincerely apologize. By the way, the computer is flawless, and works perfectly.

I completely and whole-heartedly endorse and recommend Pepper Jobs and their products!!

Steve Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 13:54

Amazon: Tiny form factor, desktop performance Very cool mini pc. I installed 16gb RAM and upgraded to a 500GB SSD, making this all the computer I need in a space not much larger than two phones laid side by side.

Plenty of ports for any peripheral.

Plug, update, and play. Just works, right out of the box, and truly easy to upgrade.

Virtually silent, even if the fan comes on.

The W10 Gyro remote (not included) is great, but you'll still want a mouse.

Rock Hill Enterprise
Rock Hill Enterprise Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 13:53

Amazon: Great PC. 5th Purchase This unit is for a single user. It is mounted on the rear of an LED Monitor, making almost like an all-in-one.

You can give it 16 gig of memory and make it sweeter. Simple - open a little door an slide it in. Also added an additional M-2 drive, again , simple open a little door and mount the M-2. Windows 10 picked it up nicely. Modify the Location of system folders to the larger drive is easy , thereby keeping the smaller drive for operating system. An excellent choice for moderate users or heavy users. You will not waste time or money for a smooth and rather powerful system. Tech support is available by chat (although you will rarely get a human), they do respond. You can use their forum for some answers...but sure would be nice to make a quick call for immediate solutions. Still for the price point, this is a terrific machine.

Team Lamb
Team Lamb Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 13:52

Amazon: Great little device! Purchased this in order to do some streaming of movies with friends and also run a few emulators. It handles those tasks without any trouble and after expanding the RAM and installing a larger SSD the device has proved to be very capable for web browsing, retro game emulation, music and video streaming, you name it. The small form factor and lower power usage are great features as well.

Yendao42 Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 13:51

Amazon: Easy install. Workhorse! TL,DR: Add a memory card and an SSD in a matter of minutes. Migrate OS to larger SSD with no complaints from BIOS. Mount to back of 4k Monitor and call it an all-in-one.

I added a 16GB Kingston memory card (pictured) for a total of 20GB, and a 500GB SSD. I configured this for a family member as a day to day computer. The included 64 GB (not replaceable) SSD included just isn't large enough for the Window OS, because over time, it fills up with hidden files in the user directory. So, I used Aomei's software to migrate the OS to the larger drive, with no problems.

NJ Mom & Dad
NJ Mom & Dad Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 13:50

Amazon: Seemed like a good idea. issues with blower bearings and SSD slot. Tech support is via email, and SLOW.

Purchased due to price point for (3) 4k screen support.

C. Gebhardt
C. Gebhardt Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 13:49

Amazon: Just installed.. pretty happy with it. My wife had an old laptop but basically used it connected to a monitor on a desk in our home. The laptop kept dropping the wireless connection. She really just uses it for browsing a few sites and paying bills. The monitor was already HDMI and she had a Logitech Wireless keyboard and mouse. Add 4 GB of memory went with the Crucial Memory. Up and running in probably 15 to 20 minutes. No issues works great. Can use the mini SD card to move data from one PC to another. Happy.

USA1970 Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 13:48

Amazon: Works well Set it up as an alternate computer to use for my kids. Not the fastest. Not the slowest. Very easy to use and set up.

Had to connect a powered USB splitter for all the accessories, but I knew the amount of USB ports going into the purchase. Going on two months now. Works well. Worth the price.

tandemnut Veröffentlicht am March 12, 2021 13:47

AMAZON: Works great as my ROON core......handles 192kHz/24 bit files flawlessly. Great value - works well and for the price is well worth it!

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